Life is too short to not choose happiness.


We are all perfectly imperfect so why should we hide it from each other?


I don't believe in work/life balance, the key is work/ live flow.




I'm here to teach hairstylists who want to ditch the guilt & money stress for good...

... To learn to trust money & use it as a tool to build a life they love.

I started this money coaching to help stylists like you get out of debt in a way that feels good and go from feeling out of control to confident.



I grew up thinking as long as I could afford the minimum payments on the credit card I could buy whatever I wanted.

This belief combined with a real love for having a good time led to almost $50,000 in consumer debt by the time we had my son in 2015.

My husband and I were living in a small townhouse we didn’t love and we felt like the second we got our pay-checks they were gone and we felt strapped, poor and like we were drowning in our debt.

Our one true desire was to move our family into a home in a beautiful, safe neighbourhood but we both accepted that we chose the wrong careers and could never afford it… until I had the realization that changed everything.

I realized our lack of intention and reckless spending was costing us the one thing we actually wanted.

I realized I was spending to try to look like I had my financial shit together… while my financial habits were making the opposite true.

We paid off $48,000 in debt exactly 2 years to the day we cut up our credit cards.

8 months later we closed on our dream home in a neighborhood we never thought we could afford. I’m writing this from that house and I pinch myself every morning when I wake up in it.

So, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start coaching stylists on getting out of debt and building healthy relationships with money… it called to me in a way nothing ever has before. 

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