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I'm Misty Jayne, the life & money coach building cash confidence in hairstylists.

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Do you actually have what it takes to get your financial shit together… while working as a hairstylist?

That was a trick question. You’re here. That means you have the desire to transform your bank account, your life and your relationship with money... That’s enough for me to work with.

Let me get more specific, here’s what getting it together can look like…

A hefty chunk of your debt is paid off and you actually trust yourself with money
You’ve budgeted for and are working towards your dream vacation (or home)
Panic & guilt no longer take over when you get a bill in the mail
Whether or not to buy your daily latte/green juice/wine is now an empowered choice instead of a shame spiral
Misty has given me the gift of a perspective change surrounding money, what it means to have it and the tools to make a budget and feel in control of my financial situation.

If you are looking for understanding your money and working towards financial freedom, work with Misty. The initial cost was intimidating and a reason I held off as long as I did, but once I committed I never once had to put my coaching payments on a credit card (like I thought I was going to) and that felt like a huge accomplishment in itself!


Confession... I used to think that because I was a hairstylist I had chosen the wrong career and was doomed to an eternity of brokeness.

Embarrassing, right? I was the queen of shame, blame & circumstance, until I finally woke up. 

Once that happened (more on my story later) I realized something… the reason we hide from facing up to our money is because of fear. Fear that comes from a whole host of shitty false beliefs you’ve been indoctrinated with.

“I’m just not good with money”

“It’s too late to start building wealth, I missed my chance”

“I don’t make enough money”

“I’m so far in debt there’s no way I’ll ever dig my way out of it”

It isn’t too far gone, not even close. 3-6 months from now you could be living in a completely different financial reality… without giving up all the things that bring you joy.

Can you imagine how life would be different if you could release the fear and scarcity and learn to trust yourself with money? 

What if money stopped being a barrier and started being a tool to build the life you picture in your wildest dreams?

What if you didn’t have to make every decision based on whether or not you could afford it… because you can? 

That’s what is possible when you have real control over your finances.

After working with dozens of hairstylists I can tell you this with absolute confidence… you’re not as broke as you think you are.

Buckle up cause this might shock you… You’re probably making enough money. 

It’s how you’re managing it (or not) that’s the issue.

1:1 mentoring with me isn’t just about money, it’s about changing your entire life.

I want to help you get through the hard shit and get to the good part… a fun and abundant relationship with money (and lots in your bank account to fund your dream life.)
Here's what it looks like to hire me as your coach:
  • 3 months of support to heal your relationship with money, learn how to trust yourself, develop the strategies and tools you need to pay off debt and become financially free and have me in your corner cheering you on and celebrating your progress every step of the way (and YES there will be a lot to celebrate) including: 5 1:1 coaching sessions and unlimited Voxer support during biz hours.
  • Access to my Financial Freedom digital course that gives you the tools and strategies you need to permanently take control of your money and start living the life you want
  • A custom strategy and roadmap that will work for your actual life, makes room for your spending triggers and allows you to still budget for your priorities

"Misty reminded me that I CAN DO IT. Just having someone who is real as hell cheering you on and giving you the confidence to do the damn thing is priceless. To have Misty’s advice and for her be a part of my life from here on out is invaluable. Even just following her on Instagram is helpful, but diving deep down into your money with her is priceless."


"Working with Misty has taught me to make things simpler, not everything has to be hard. The other thing she has taught is building confidence within myself. The results working with Misty are incredible, within 3 months she helped me find clearly/confidence in becoming an independent stylist! I had a goal to be my own boss and become an independent stylist and within 3 months with Misty coaching, I’m in my own suite."

Dave Ramsey lied to you… spending isn’t the enemy and you don’t have to hate every minute of your financial freedom journey.

I get it, if one more personal finance “guru” tells you to skip your daily latte you’re going to light their book on fire, which is probably why the things you have tried so far haven’t really worked for you. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means relying on sheer willpower and austerity isn’t what works for us as creatives. 

With my clients, we get to the root cause and issue and customize a strategy so we can resolve your money trouble for life.

By the end of our 6 months together you will be totally transformed because your financial situation is not your identity. You are not going to just accept that you’re “bad with money” and throw in the towel… you’re going to change that reality and live an epic life.


"I think my biggest achievement that came from working with Misty is moving from the feeling of overwhelm to hope! In three months I achieved reaching nine, maybe ten goals, they were baby steps but added up it was a huge achievement still. Plus I now have a legit budget! I've NEVER had that before. It's worth the time, money, and jump out of comfort zone 110%. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!"

Now’s the part where I tell you why I am without a doubt, positive that it’s possible for you to get out of debt, drastically change your relationship with money and have enough to fund whatever life you desire.

I’m sure… because I did it. I grew up thinking as long as I could afford the minimum payments on the credit card I could buy whatever I wanted.

This belief combined with a real love for having a good time led to almost $50,000 in consumer debt by the time we had my son in 2015.

My husband and I were living in a small townhouse we didn’t love and we felt like the second we got our pay-checks they were gone and we felt strapped, poor and like we were drowning in our debt.

Our one true desire was to move our family into a home in a beautiful, safe neighbourhood but we both accepted that we chose the wrong careers and could never afford it… until I had the realization that changed everything.

I realized our lack of intention and reckless spending was costing us the one thing we actually wanted.

I realized I was spending to try to look like I had my financial shit together… while my financial habits were making the opposite true.

We paid off $48,000 in debt exactly 2 years to the day we cut up our credit cards.

8 months later we closed on our dream home in a neighbourhood we never thought we could afford. I’m writing this from that house and I pinch myself every morning when I wake up in it.

So, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start coaching stylists on getting out of debt and building healthy relationships with money… it called to me in a way nothing ever has before. 

As a certified life coach my mission is creating lifestyle & financial freedom for our industry, one stylist at a time.
Is working with me a great fit for you?


  • Are ready to dig deep and heal your relationship with money
  • Have tried to get your financial shit together before but the old ways aren't working for you
  • You're ready to make the investment in yourself to get your financial future on track

The investment to work with me for a 3 month coaching package is $550/month.

You can learn how to attract more clients, increase your income and make as much money as you want but until you learn how to manage it you will always feel broke.

Get off the hamster wheel and take control of your life.

Believe me, if I can do it, you can too.


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