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Where entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into reality... despite the messy start!  

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We're flipping the script on perfectionism and embracing the messy, imperfect journey of entrepreneurship.

Each week on the Starting Messy Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real and unfiltered interviews of success stories that started messy
  • Insights and action steps to help you overcome the doubts and keep you moving forward
  • The truth behind starting before you feel ready and why it's always worth it. 


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Meet your host:

Misty Jayne

Life and Money Empowerment Coach 

As a former hairstylist of 20+ years, Misty knows a thing or two about connection. Conversations are her superpower, bringing out the best in people with her intuitive questions and creating a safe space to be vulnerable.

Misty has been impacting people through her education and coaching since 2018, helping her clients, listeners, and anyone who hears her speak at events overcome their struggles with the fear of starting something new. She guides those obsessed with personal growth on how to get out of their own way and create the wealthy, peaceful life they desire.


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Misty is a natural leader and great interviewer. What I love is that she has transformed her own life and is now fully invested in helping others do the same!

Chris Sulimay:  Founder of Sulimay Video Productions

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